Engine Accessories

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All prices are subject to change without notice. Please call the factory first to determine current prices. 

Engine Installation Kits 

Lycoming IO-360 - 180hp, parallel valve engine $6,238.00
Lycoming IO-360 - 200hp, angle valve engine $6,238.00
Lycoming IO-540D - 260hp, parallel valve engine $6,275.00
Lycoming IO-540K - 300hp, angle valve engine


Continental IO-550N - 310 hp - Price does not include fuel pump $5,890.00
Continental TSIO-550C - 310 hp - Price does not include fuel pump $6,000.00
Continental TSIO-550E - 350 hp - Price does not include fuel pump


Franklin 6A350C1 - Limited availability on some parts - Call for quote Call


All Velocity Engine Installation Kits Include the following:

  • Engine cooling plenum chamber
  • Plenum runners and silicon baffle sealing
  • All necessary hoses, hose ends, and fittings to plumb the oil and fuel system
  • Engine mount
  • Engine vibration isolator mounts
  • Exhaust system
  • Fuel Servo Adaptor
  • Firesleeve material
  • High performance maintainable fuel filter
  • Stainless steel firewall and wing-root material
  • Fiberfrax fire-proofing firewall material
  • Engine control cables: throttle, mixture, prop
  • Engine control cable mounting brackets
  • All necessary hardware to install the engine
  • Lycoming installation kits include fuel pump
  • Continental fuel pumps are available, but are longer lead time items.
  • Turbo-Charged engine installation kits include cowling 'bumps' for turbo-charger and intercooler clearance

Oil Cooler Kits:

  • Front Oil Cooler Kit Lycoming - $574.35
  • Rear Oil Cooler Kit Lycoming - $704.55
  • Continental Front Oil Cooler Kit - $922.95